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July 18, 2021

Checks are one of the oldest forms of payment that can be processed, and while advances in payment options, like credit cards and online payment apps and programs, are coming around, there are a few reasons that checks will never fade as a method of payment. Impact PaySystem offers high-quality check processing services that make it easy to accept these payments in your facility, but very rarely do businesses take advantage of this because they believe it is a payment method that they won’t ever see.

In our blog post today we are going to cover a few of the reasons that checks won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.


While it may seem absolutely insane to think that there are still businesses that aren’t using debit or credit cards to process their payments, these options are extremely expensive to manage. For many small businesses, it is entirely unrealistic to afford these payment options for purchases Checks, however, are a great option to use that can make processing payments much easier. If you think that this is unlikely, then you’ll be surprised to hear that nearly 55% of America’s 27 million small businesses, still don’t use credit card processing when taking payments. While apps like PayPal and Venmo are coming out, this online transferring isn’t something that small business with a brick and mortar can utilize, so checks remain an option.


Sending money as a gift or to pay at a restaurant or movie is a common task, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have your server asking you for your Venmo username or casually sending graduation money to your niece over PayPal. These applications are savvy, and they’re definitely efficient, but the ability to actually pay on the spot with a check is something that only a check can do. Checks are still commonly used when giving money as a gift, and if a restaurant or store accepts checks, they’re the more likely option to use when completing a payment.


Fees are a part of using credit and debit cards, both for the user of the card and that of the person processing the payment. In some cases, when you use a card to pay, there’s a chance that you might wind up having to pay an additional fee. This isn’t the case when you use checks because it goes straight to your account number. You’ll see this more frequently when you are processing larger payments online or when you visit facilities that don’t have the funds to pay off their card processing fees without a little extra charging. In these cases, using checks for payment methods can reduce the fees that you might have to pay.

mpact PaySystem has effective check processing services that make payment by check as easy as swiping a card. Learn more about this service if you or your establishment often receive check payments from our trusted payment processing company. We would love to provide you with a method that works well for you and your customers. We’ll go over a few more reasons that checks aren’t going out of style in our next blog.