Check Processing Services

No matter what industry you’re in, checks happen. The best thing you can do is implement payment processing services that empower you to use check processing! Impact PaySystem’s Check Acceptance Services are designed to keep you and your customers safe and happy by increasing sales, reducing risks, and maintaining customer satisfaction in any business. Never chase a bad check again – we help with check verification and guarantee programs.

With our Check Acceptance Services, you can:

  • Accept checks at point-of-sale and have funds electronically deposited, just like a credit card.
  • Electronically deposit ALL types of paper checks, so you can skip the trip to the bank.
  • Process checks online for your Bill Payments or eCommerce.
  • Accept and process checks from customers over the phone.

With our Check Acceptance Services, you get the safety, security, and efficiency you deserve. Contact our representatives to discuss check payment processing today.