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ATMs & ATM services from Impact PaySystem Help Businesses Attract Customers & Keep Them Coming Back!

ATMs are a convenience consumers are accustomed to paying for. In fact, about half the customers who shopped at your store today probably paid to withdraw cash from an ATM at least once this month. Isn’t it time you started cashing in on this lucrative revenue stream? Impact PaySystem can help. We offer ATMs from top manufacturers at affordable prices. Basic terminals can be purchased for as little as $99.95. Or Impact PaySystem can set up an ATM lease agreement that meets any merchant’s budget constraints. Are you looking for low monthly payments? No problem. Want a short-term ATM lease agreement to test the idea before making a longer-term commitment? We can handle that too.

We also sell and lease multi-function ATMs. Sell prepaid phone cards, cash checks, even provide money transfer services, and collect fees on each and every transaction.

Plus, we offer cash-loading plans that can meet any businesses unique requirements. Load ATMs with cash from the till, or maximize convenience with Impact PaySystem managing cash loading and other ATM logistics:

  • Every transaction is assessed a surcharge, averaging $1.50 to $2.50 paid to the ATM owner.
  • Customers who otherwise might not shop at your store will come in to use your ATM and while there many will make impulse purchases.
  • On average, 5% of customers use a store’s ATM, and spend 10% to 20% of each withdrawal at that store. These are cash sales – no credit card, bad check, charge-back or collection fees to pay.
  • Consumers who use in-store ATMs tend to be more frequent customers.
  • Multi-functional ATMs create additional revenue opportunities with little to no out-of-pocket expenses by providing services such as check cashing, prepaid phone cards and Western Union Money Transfers.
  • Cash loading options are available to ensure your ATMs are always full, not your cash drawers.
  • ATMs are designed to generate revenues 24/7. They never call in sick

Contact Impact PaySystem today and let us show you how to boost customer spend and create new revenue opportunities with an in-store ATM.

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